Main skills </>

Latest achievements </>

  • Image of Materiais Complementares: Docker File e Docker Compose
  • Image of Criando um Container de uma Aplicação WEB
  • Image of Docker Compose
  • Image of Definição e Criação de um Docker File
  • Image of Materiais Complementares: Introdução ao Docker
  • Image of Processamento, Logs e Rede com Docker

Latest certifications </>

  • certificate of Docker File e Docker Compose
  • certificate of Materiais Complementares: Docker File e Docker Compose

Profiles similar to Cleverton Junior: </>

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  • Felipe Oliveira
  • Vinícius Deniz
  • Gefferson Souza
  • Gustavo Moreira
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Join Cleverton Junior in formation </>

certificate of Curso TypeScript Fullstack Developer
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