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Jefferson Silva
Jefferson Silva29/02/2024 10:59

Bring Your Brain to Work

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What do we want to find there? What's your goals to use to determine if your career is right for you? (Using Cognitive Science to Get a Job, do it well, and Advance your career)

The centennial Professor (Arthur Markman) of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas gave and explained tips in your book about how "Using Cognitive Science to get a job". The approaches that he use, in fact, are topics learned how to get the path to success runs through Cognitive Science about getting a job (finding opportunities you'll value around yourself, applying and interviewing in your journey, from the offer to the decision), succeeding at work (learning, communicating, producing, leading) and last managing your career.

I observed that are well helpful the light on the three essential elements of successful career such as

  • getting a job,
  • excelling at work and
  • finding your next position on each of these elements.

Careers require constant development (for example in the IT field, things like bootcamps, hackathons, specific courses about tools or technologies). "How to fix problems with a project that is about to be delivered to a client. In the education system, your progress is mapped out from grade to grade and from class to class". But how do you know when it's time to move on to your next job, or even what steps to make to turn a collection of jobs into a career?

That's great because we would be able to sense it's time to move up or out and to prepare for the move and mainly how to use your different mental, motivacional, social, cognitive systems and to get them more effectively.

Therefore, we also keep that job most critical to master the mental challenge of learning every day. I've been learning a lot of it after taking these tips.


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