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C#: A Programming Language for Beginners

    Hello, everyone!

    Taking advantage of the Introduction to C# course on the DIO Platform, I'd like to summarize some points that I consider important for fixation and a good understanding at this crucial stage. Whether you love C# or advocate for Python or JavaScript, I'm not trying to create controversies, far from it (LOL).

    C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. It is based on the C++ language but is easier to learn and use.

    C# has the following main features:

    - Object-Oriented: C# is an object-oriented language, meaning that programs are built from objects. Objects are entities that have data and behaviors.


    - Security: C# is a secure language, meaning it has features to prevent errors and security issues. For example, C# has a strong typing system that helps prevent type errors.


    - Productivity: C# is a productive language, allowing programmers to create programs quickly. For example, C# has a concise and easy-to-understand syntax system.


    - Portability: C# is a portable language, meaning programs can run on different platforms. For example, C# runs on the .NET Framework, a cross-platform development platform.


    - Open Source: C# is an open-source language, meaning its source code is available to anyone.

    C# has a variety of methods and functions that can be used to perform specific tasks:

    - Methods: Methods are code blocks that can be called to perform a task. For example, a method can be used to calculate the value of a mathematical equation.


    - Functions: Functions are code blocks that can be called to return a value. For example, a function can be used to convert a string into a number.

    Where to Learn C#?

    There are many resources available to learn C#, including books, online tutorials, courses, and the Microsoft website - [Microsoft Learn](https://learn.microsoft.com/pt-br/dotnet/csharp/).

    I particularly enjoyed studying C# with this book; it's quick, and the goal is to learn the main concepts quickly and objectively.


    C# is a powerful and versatile programming language that can be used to create a variety of applications. If you are interested in learning programming, C# is a great option for beginners.

    Code Example

    Here's an example of C# code that prints "Hello, World!" on the screen:


    // Declares a function that prints a message on the screen

    public static void PrintMessage(string message)


      // Prints the message on the screen



    // Calls the function to print the message "Hello, World!"

    PrintMessage("Hello, World!");


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    *Source: Bard, Amazon, ChatGPT, Microsoft Support C#, C# Documentation*

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