Equity in Computer Science Education | Reaching Students With Disabilities

29/06/2022 11:19

André (Andrehlb)

André (Andrehlb)

Equity in Computer Science Education | Reaching Students With Disabilities

Many education groups improve efforts with the approach to open access to 

computer science for students with disabilities.

In the United States, these efforts are so important as a rate of 13% of students. 

The U.S. public schools present special education services (NCES, 2016)

An important group of students receives appropriate accommodations 

following the "Americans with Disabilities Act".

The schools that have certification to work with disabilities´ children can promote meetings with these learners.

This is a great social improvement in computer science education to make the development of hard skills and forward of the soft skills as 


The Quorum 

programming language from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is a tool working as a framework of possibilities able to be read by,

doing it accessible to students with visual debilities (Quorum, 


Furthermore, they have a complete accommodation structure for all students showing sensory disabilities,

such as visual impairments and the advisors of the Creative Technologies Research Lab (CTRL-Shift),

at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign developed teaching strategies to aid the goal of increasing the access 

to the computing program by students with cognitive disorders (Creative Technologies Research Lab, 2016). 

A group at the University of Washington has developed a grad 

providing professional development for teachers of learnings with disabilities 

(AccessCS10K, 2016).

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