Tiago Gonçalves
Tiago Gonçalves05/05/2022 20:50

How about your English?

    Hello, friends

    As a software developer, we need to have a good level of proficiency in English. This community has a good materials about programming studies, but, almost all is written or spoken in Brazilian Portuguese. I would like to know if you guys mind your English learning and what have you did for improving your skills in English?


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    Cristyane Tamioso
    Cristyane Tamioso - 06/05/2022 01:16

    I feel like the most crucial advice I can give to anyone who's trying to learn a new language is: consume content in the language you want to learn. Watch Youtube videos, movies and tv shows; read books, mangas, articles about any interest of yours, poetry, or even the news; follow people who are native speakers of that language on social media; listen to music, study the lyrics and sing along to them - that's one of the most effective ways of training your pronunciation.

    Studying through books, courses and apps may be efficient if your goal is to learn the structure of the language - why and how it works, but having the language as a part of your everyday life will greatly improve your fluency as a reader, listener and speaker.


    Jefferson Santos - 06/05/2022 02:21

    Eu aconselho assistir séries em inglês, pausa e repete o que eles fala, mesmo que não entenda nada. No começo e difícil mais vai aprimorando, em paralelo, baixa o app Anki coloca vocabulários e expressões com traduções, não muito pra não ficar cansativo, todos os dias visita o app pra memorizar as palavras. Atualmente moro nos EUA, e essa técnica muitos ultilizam e tem bons retornos. Também posso ajudar de alguma forma!

    Felipe Silva
    Felipe Silva - 06/05/2022 14:19

    You can learn programming and English at the same time using YouTube. There are a lot of programming content over there. I think Dio could implement some classes in English too, that would be great.

    Ticiano Filho
    Ticiano Filho - 06/05/2022 07:08

    tip: use English in your everyday-life than you study it.

    Ricardo - 05/05/2022 22:29

    Well, one thing that has helped me a lot is seeing technical content preferably in English... like Pluralsight courses, certification material from Microsoft Learn, from Google's Qwiklabs and trying to convert it all into Portuguese in the form of an article.. This is useful for me, in addition to serving as a review material for the studied content, getting to know the spelling and pronunciation of certain words (like mobile, SQL, etc....), I can practice the hearing, writing, translating the language, in addition to being more attentive to the particularities of translation of each language... For example see translation of cloud buckets became "intervalos" in Portuguese? facepalm... rsss

    Luiz Santos
    Luiz Santos - 05/05/2022 20:59

    I watch videos on youtube, movies, series, and i read movies scripts, and i write every day for 10 minutes any quote in english, and i didn't spend any money with english until now.

    summed up:

    for read: read books, news, scripts of movie,

    for writing: writting every day 10 minutes.

    for listening: music, podcast, movies, series, and youtube videos.

    speaking: speak out loud while reading a book, and talk to myself hahah


    Eu assisto vídeos no youtube, filmes, séries, e leio roteiros de filmes, e escrevo todos os dias por 10 minutos qualquer citação em inglês, e não gastei dinheiro com inglês até agora.


    para ler: ler livros, notícias, roteiros de filmes,

    para escrever: escrever todos os dias 10 minutos.

    para ouvir: música, podcast, filmes, séries e vídeos do youtube.

    falando: falar em voz alta enquanto lê um livro, e falar comigo mesmo hahah.

    Katarina Lima
    Katarina Lima - 05/05/2022 21:14

    I think you should find an app to try to speak and write with other people. If you can check it on youtube there must be someone talking about this.