Juli Goes
Juli Goes30/11/2023 19:54

How to Ask for Help with Compilation Issues - Code Project Challenges (english version)

    Hey, everyone!

    I've noticed that when people ask for help in the room/forum, they are not providing all the information we need to assist. Since communication is asynchronous, it can take a long time for us to receive the information and understand it to respond.

    So, here are some tips for asking and formulating your question:

    • Print the code or paste the complete code in the question.
    • Also, send the output of your test; take a screenshot, even if it doesn't compile because the output always helps us understand the error.
    • Check if you have the right amount of [ ] { } ( ), if you opened, it must be closed; this causes compilation errors, so check this.
    • Verify if you are not missing any semicolons - ; - or if they are not in the wrong place.
    • It's worth checking the strings if the quotes are correct at the beginning and end. It's also common to forget about "string"; it should always be closed too.

    Tip - In code challenges, the first number in the compilation error that appears is the line with the error.

    These small errors from both of us happen a lot in the code, and often we don't see them, so checking is already a good part of the process of solving.

    But don't worry, follow the tips above to post a question (code print and terminal print), and we'll answer, and everything will be fine!

    A good afternoon to everyone!


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