Rodrigo Rodrigues
Rodrigo Rodrigues21/12/2022 07:27

Don't neglect your language skills

    Hi everyone,

    I just want share with you about how every single day we neglect our responsibilities and how it change our career.

    And why write my first article in English? Because I felt by my self how was so hard to get my first job opportunity on Europe, even in Portugal, where we think English isn't necessary. I live here about a year.

    I never did a regular English course, all my whole life I "ate" English content without discipline, rules, I'd watching movies, I'd read tutorials, books, but in fact I didn't practice conversations skills. On my first interviews I didn't reply basics answers and my vocabulary was so poor... anyway, today I work for a French company from Portugal and just are 2 Portuguese native speaker on dev team, all the other one are French and English is mandatory to get the communications for us.

    It's a challenge day by day, and I want tell you one more time with you, don't neglect the necessity of can talk in English, even you already live in Brazil.

    I hope be fluent as soon as possible and all of you, if is you wish, get a American or European job offer.

    Sorry for English mistakes, I tried write this without help from any traduction app.

    See you around,

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    Marta Geraldo
    Marta Geraldo - 21/12/2022 10:23

    Congratulations Rodrigo. An American English teacher said that when we speak other language, we can' t be ourselves, because we need to choose the words that we are not normally used to talk, but yes, those most popular and easiest ones. We also need to hear what the other says, to interpret better. If you are a more agitated person, you are forced to reduce your pace. Initially, it is not easy to speak another language, as we want to speak everything correctly, but, we' ll certainly make mistakes, until we have fluency. Congratulations on having the courage to write your article, as this forces us to read and also practice our English. I'm having english classes once time per week with natives english teachers. Sometimes I freezy, but so, we remember other word and the conversations flows. I think my english is getting better. Congratulations and thanks again.

    Enock Santos
    Enock Santos - 21/12/2022 10:19

    Thanks for your comment Rodrigo! This is very important for me because I believe in that too!

    I've a dream to live in outher country, so, in this moment I studing English because is necessary for everything today! And sure, not is easy, but, we need to be strong, and never stop learning! My level is A1, but I can understand your text and this give me hope to continue studing.

    Sorry if this text is not good, but, I believe that trainning and practicing, and most important, trying, we are going to win and walk to our dreams!


    Inaie Forster - 21/12/2022 09:19

    Hi Rodrigo, hope u are doing well in Europe! I think we dont need to be english experts to try out a new oportunity outside Brazil, but as you said, to not neglect (I just learned this new word) the language skills. I wish one day i could work for some foreign company too, but feels like I'm never prepared.

    It's good to see you even with all the difficulties of living and working in a foreign country, u did'nt give up. Thanks for sharing your experience and inspired me to always go further.