English why ? I'm Brazilian , I don't need it , (really? are you sure that?)

11/06/2022 14:16

Deyvison Menezes

Deyvison Menezes


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English why ? I'm Brazilian , I don't need it , (really? are you sure that?)

Hi!, My name's Deyvison and maybe you're asking yourself whether learning English is necessary today if you are a Brazilian guy living in a country where everywhere out there is speaking Portuguese.

I get that, and the answer is absolutely yes, You need that skill today for everything, as even you live here in Brazil.

I know that you speak most time your time in Portuguese at your house, for friendship stuff, gaming, or in most situations day by day. I know that and I do that too, but if you really want to become a strongly recommend Professional, work at a Big Tech Company, Learn a skill, become smarter and even gain more just to speak it.

You must learn English as fast as you can. Ok, I understand the situation in our Country and why many of you don't have cash for it or the conditions for the throw to enroll in a course at Schools out there in your city. I get and I usually am in this situation too. But even in this situation, there is a lot of stuff on the internet, if you say that not, Google it.

The fact is that Become is not a different skill like many years ago, Becomes a necessity for work and Living and global society. So, saying that, Why don't start today your studies in the English Language? it's not an easy path through, it's not a simple task, But it's necessary for you on and figures out that as you learn it more you able to become a better person and Magnifique Professional. Thank you for reading it and Good luck on your way. Hasta la vista Baby.

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