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Recruitment Academy is the perfect solution for companies looking for hiring

The market for technology professionals is competitive and there is an auction that inflates wages and costs hiring. To enable your company to dribble these challenges, we have created Recruitment Academy, a customized solution to engage tech talent in a strategic way, meeting the demand for continuous flow generated throughout the year.

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Promote Employer Branding and social impact

Customize educational programs, bootcamps and accelerations, focusing on your company's need to attract, train and certify professionals in technologies. Besides hiring skilled tech talent, strengthen your employer branding and promote social impact, transform lives by democratizing education in technology and include underrepresented groups.

How does Recruitment Academy work?

How It Works

The most innovative companies in the world hired with DIO

In addition to investing in training technology professionals and being able to contract on a planned scale, every RA customer also has personalized assistance from a DIO specialist, to seek validated, certified, qualified and ranked talents to fill specific, timely and urgent job openings.

  • What our clients say

    'The results we got from our partnership with DIO were very significant for both the technology community and Avanade. At the same time we managed to bring talent to the company to reach the financial objectives of the group, we also genuinely impacted our population, our people and the technology market as a whole.'

    Daniela Mira,

    Gerente de Talent Acquisition Operations - Avanade
  • What our clients say

    'The DIO and Carrefour program reached thousands who could be trained, could test, study and change careers. We prepared new professionals for the technology industry! The social impact promoted was very important, both for people who have had their lives transformed, as well as for Carrefour, who conquered new talents in the field.'

    Aydes Marques,

    (CIO) Chief Information Officer - Carrefour
  • What our clients say

    'The partnership with DIO has promoted several gains! The first of them was to bring professionals to be part of our team, the second was to impact the careers of people so that they could work in other organizations and technology companies. In addition, we had the opportunity to launch Inter all over the country, not only as a technology company, but also as a company that creates opportunities for people to walk their paths and apply their learning. The program has shown the strength of our brand!'

    Graziele Sá,

    Gerente de People - Inter
  • What our clients say

    'The partnership with DIO was an innovative way that we found to attract talents more quickly within this battle of professionals in the technology field that happens both in Brazil and globally. So, as well as being an efficient strategy for contributing to the training of new talents in Brazil, which needs so many specialized people in the area of technology, we can also meet our hiring demand that is quite strong in recent years.'

    André Gatti,

    Brazil Country Manager - Cognizant
  • What our clients say

    'When we sealed our partnership with DIO, we were looking for transformation in society. We realized how much this partnership, that has tied technology knowledge to the capacity that DIO has to generate talents, made sense for our purpose. At the end of the programmes, we hired more than 150 people, and we can contribute to the training of the technology area. We were able to transform lives!'

    Renata Transmonte,

    Gerente de People - NTT DATA
  • What our clients say

    'We deal with the GFT Starter program, conducted in partnership with DIO, with a lot of affection, for we are dealing with the dream of many young people, beginners in the area or people who are transitioning between careers. That was the way we found to unite technical training with the human development of technology talents and transform lives through education.'

    Wanderley Meirelles,

    Gerente de treinamento e desenvolvimento - GFT

Your brand seen all around

More than solving the problem of hiring technology professionals, Recruitment Academy helps build its employer branding in the tech universe, within the DIO ecosystem, which has over 1,000,000 technology professionals and nationwide. How?

We create custom bootcamps and accelerations with the name of your brand in evidence and are widely disseminated within the DIO community

We post it on our social medias and advertise on the DIO platform

We generate and make available certificates during the days of bootcamps and accelerations with the brand of the employer company, creating an organic viral network effect on social medias.

We send out releases to the largest and most important communication vehicles in Brazil, resulting in news published on major portals.

Check out Recruitment Academy, our solution for companies that need to hire professionals of technology in a planned way, strengthen the employer branding and promote social impact, reducing effort and time in the recruitment processes.​

Recruitment Academy is designed for companies that need to hire technology professionals and strengthen the employer branding

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