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Find the right technology professional for your business with Talent Match, a platform for tech recruiters, HR professionals, tech professionals and companies that need to have a predictable investment in the recruitment and selection process and find qualified and experienced talents with specific skills.

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Invest only monthly fee and hire as many talents as you need (no hiring fee).

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Talent ranking updated daily with over 100 new candidates.

Talents validated one by one: certified, qualified and ranked.

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O mercado para profissionais de tecnologia está competitivo e existe um leilão que inflaciona os salários encarece a contratação. Para que sua empresa consiga driblar esses desafios criamos a Recruitment Academy, uma solução personalizada para contratar talentos tech de forma estratégica, atendendo a demanda do fluxo contínuo gerada ao longo do ano.


Hire quickly and assertively

Here you find the ranking of the best talents in search of a new career growth opportunity. Access complete profiles of tech professionals already certified, qualified and validated with the requirements you need to hire quickly and assertively.

Talent Match: the perfect match between your company and tech professionals

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technology professionals
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partnerships with universities
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companies with professionals
in our ecosystem

Learning trails

with the world's biggest and most innovative companies

Courses and projects

delivered by the best
market experts

Our tech
talent ranking
is updated daily and also goes through:


Interview to validate experiences


It's not magic,
it's the match you need

In Talent Match you find talents exactly how you’ve been looking for. Our ranking is updated daily with over 100 new talents and you can filter them by technology, experience, salary expectation and more!

DIO is the largest tech community in Latin America with over 1,000,000 tech talents. Beyond democratizing technology education throughout the professional career, we rank and connect the best talents to the most innovative companies in the world, reducing effort and time to find the ideal candidate.​

  • O que dizem os nossos clientes

    Talent Match was incredible since the beginning! There's always an attentive professional willing to help. The platform is easy to use and brings assertive results in the search for candidates. The response rate is high. My experience as a recruiter was excellent, I hope to maintain our partnership.

    Paola Aparecida Carvalho,

    Recruitment and Selection Analyst
  • O que dizem os nossos clientes

    The Talent Match tool proved to be very assertive. In less than 2 weeks I was able to hire the professional with the profile I needed. An interesting differential is the Support service. Since I could not find a professional with a specific profile by myself, they were very helpful and quickly got some people with the profile I requested. I recommend Talent Match for companies that have difficulty hiring developers.

    André Cavatoni,

    Co-founder & CTO at Quero Meus Direitos

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