International Acceleration - Kafka Integration with Spring Boot

Join the DIO International Acceleration - Kafka Integration with Spring Boot to explore the fundamental principles of Event-Driven Architecture, a paradigm that has gained popularity due to its impact on the interaction between applications. Advance in building highly scalable and fault-tolerant systems using Apache Kafka and Spring Boot as essential tools.

The acceleration prepares professionals for significant opportunities outside Brazil with technical sessions conducted entirely in English. These are free workshops for technical advancement, along with networking and connections with international recruitment partners for major global companies.

What you will see in this acceleration:

Section 01: Fundamentals of Event-Driven and Message-Driven Architecture

In this section, we will explore the fundamentals of Event-Driven Architecture (EDA), including messaging in modern software, benefits in microservices, and messaging specifications for interoperability.

Section 02: Kafka and Confluent Cloud: Unveiling the Power of Event Streaming

Here, we will cover Apache Kafka and Confluent Cloud, including its architecture, cluster configuration, use of the Avro format, and Change Data Capture (CDC).

Section 03: Building Spring Boot Event-Driven Applications

Finally, you will develop a Java Spring Boot application for practical events, connecting it to the Confluent Kafka cluster and applying concepts to implement EDA.

3 hours

Sign up until October 20th. Workshops held on October 21st.

Develop high level applications with the best practice of the market

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What will you learn?

Your journey during the immersion

  • 1 -

    Learn about the concept of messaging in modern software and understand how EDA (Event Oriented Architecture) transforms communication between components, differentiating it from synchronous approaches such as REST.

  • 2 -

    Learn about the architecture, key components, and key role of the Apache Kafka tool in streaming events, configure a Confluent Kafta cluster with its basic operations, and explore Avro, a popular data serialization format for Kafka.

  • 3 -

    Develop a Java Spring Boot application for publishing and event consumption, applying what you learned about EDA and connecting to your Confluent Kafka cluster, acting as a professional reference in the theme.

Your Career

Your Career

Career plans in partner companies and the possibility of professional growth in the international market.

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Develop New Skills

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Ready to become international?

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Looking forward to the new

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Evolve your knowledge in creating highly scalable and fault-tolerant systems using Event Oriented Architecture and discover how Apache Kafka and Spring Boot can be your essential tools.

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What is Acceleration?

What is an Acceleration program?

A one day immersion with technical sessions for those approved in the qualifying challenge.

What dates should I pay attention to?

Here are the dates you need to keep an eye on!

  • Application start date: October 9, 2023
  • Registration deadline: October 20, 2023
  • Immersion Day: October 21, 2023
  • Program end date: October 27, 2023

Are there any prerequisites to participate?

Yes! The prerequisites are:

  • Basic Programming Knowledge: A fundamental understanding of programming concepts and Java is essential.
  • Java Development Environment: You should have a Java development environment set up, including a Java Development Kit (JDK) and an integrated development environment (IDE) such as IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Familiarity with Spring Boot: Some familiarity with Spring Boot will be advantageous but not mandatory.



How does the qualifying test work?

The qualification test is conducted online. It consists of 10 multiple-choice questions about Java, Kafka, and Confluent Cloud, along with 3 coding challenges in Java, totaling 1800 points.

To pass, you need to score a minimum of 600 points.

What is the duration of the qualifying challenge?

Once started, you will have up to 100 minutes to complete the Qualifying Challenge

When should I complete the qualifying test?

You can complete the qualification test immediately after registration or at your most convenient time until 11:59 PM on October 20, 2023, as long as you haven't started it yet.

How many times can I complete the qualifying test?

You can only complete the qualifying test for the program once.

How do I know if I passed the qualifying test?

Immediately after completing the qualifying test, the system calculates your score and displays the result on the screen. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email indicating your approval and providing information for the next activities.

Encountered any issues with registration?

For any technical issues and questions regarding the program and platform, please contact us through the website: Click Here.

Still have questions?

Contact us through the website: Click Here