Nexa Bootcamp - Fundamentals of Generative AI and Claude 3

Whoever doesn't understand AI has been left behind!

With a solid introduction not only to Generative Artificial Intelligence, but a true guide on how to apply it to the real demands of your daily life, the bootcamp has come to enhance knowledge of the most used AWS services in the field.

Get to know Amazon Q, Bedrock, and Claude 3, and add these skills to your resume, applying what you've learned practically to create solutions more quickly and efficiently.

In this track, you'll develop your skills with practical projects, code challenges, and mentorship from DIO experts, and, furthermore, you'll be available on Talent Match for tech recruiters from partner companies looking for professionals with this profile.


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Who made this program happen?


AWS is the world's most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, continuously expanding its services to support virtually any cloud workload. Millions of customers worldwide, including startups, banks, gaming companies, and government agencies, rely on AWS to gain agility, innovate, and reduce costs.


Nexa Resources is one of the world's largest zinc miners. It has been operating for over 60 years in the mining and metallurgy segments, with operations located in Brazil and Peru and offices in Luxembourg and the United States, providing its products to all continents of the world. Since 2017, its shares have been traded on the New York Stock Exchanges, with Votorantim S.A. as its majority shareholder.


DIO is the first Brazilian Open Education platform aimed at democratizing knowledge in software development and exponential technologies to accelerate the training of more than 5 million digital talents, connecting them with great opportunities that enhance regional socioeconomic development.

How is it like to work hereNexa Resources}

What will you learn?

Differences in your portfolio:

  • 1 -

    Amazon Q as a Python Programming Copilot - Learn to use Amazon Q as a technical tutor.

  • 2 -

    Natural or Fake Natty? How to Win in the Age of Generative AIs - Transform your ideas into intelligent applications with ease and efficiency.

  • 3 -

    Amazon Bedrock: The New Era of Artificial Intelligence - Get to know the AI model hub to facilitate solution creation.

Evolve Skills

Evolve Skills

Challenge yourself to become a better professional, adding skills that help you develop within the most widely used practices in the world.

Generative AI with AWS services

Generative AI with AWS services

Understand and master the use of Amazon's Generative AI services in your area and gain skills with Amazon Bedrock, Amazon Q, and Claude 3.



Through practical lessons and mentorships, absorb knowledge from experienced experts in the market who live day-to-day what they teach.

Prepare for the Future

Prepare for the Future

Stay updated on the latest development principles and technological processes, and always be a professional who keeps up with trends.

Practical Challenges

Practical Challenges

Get hands-on experience with each principle learned during your program journey through project challenges and code challenges.

New Opportunities

New Opportunities

Highlight your resume and profile on DIO for potential hires and open doors to a successful career.

You in the future

Your name

Expert in Generative AI AWS services

Nexa Resources

Inteligência Artificial (IA)IA GenerativaAWSPythonAmazon BedrockClaude 3Amazon Q

Profile strength on DIO: DIAMOND

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"Congratulations, you have completed your learning journey in the Bootcamp Nexa - Fundamentals of Generative AI and Claude 3.

Your new knowledge and skills prepare you for the market and highlight your profile to companies hiring on the platform!

Let's conquer the tech market!"

Who is Bootcamp recommended for?


Professionals from all areas with up to one year of experience who are interested in using AI.


For those seeking an introduction to the world of AI and who want to insert knowledge of AWS's main Generative AI services into their area of expertise.

Market preparation

Develop practical projects to highlight your profile! The top ranked in the boot camp gain visibility on the Talent Match platform, as well as being available for hiring opportunities in DIO partner companies.

Your journey

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Receive invitations to hiring opportunities.

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What is Bootcamp?

What is a Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp consists of a knowledge trail in different areas of activity. We created a complete immersion with: courses, live meetings (mentoring), project challenges and code challenges, for those who want to delve deeper into their studies and achieve their dream career.

What is the purpose of the trail?

The program offers training in Generative Artificial Intelligence and its practical application with AWS services. Participants develop skills through projects, code challenges and mentoring with experts. Additionally, Talent Match connects them to job opportunities at partner companies.

What dates should I pay attention to?

Here are the dates you need to keep an eye on!

Registration Start Date: 04/29/2024

Launch Event: 05/07/2024

Enrollment End Date: 06/02/2024

Program Closing Date: 06/09/2024

Do I need to pay something to the company?

No. The grant is completely free.

I had problems during registration. Who can help me?

Any technical problems and questions regarding the program, please contact us via the website: Click here

Still have questions?

Get in touch with us via the website: Click Here