Bootcamp WEX - Development .NET and QA

WEX, global trading platform with a presence in 16 countries , has joined DIO in an unprecedented and hiring program! Maintaining our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, WEX will have affirmative job openings for people with disabilities.

Master advanced C# programming concepts, work with SQL Server databases, and understand QA fundamentals and practices, including test automation, to enhance your development in .NET and QA and stand out in the marketplace.

You will learn from the fundamental concepts of .Net, enhancement of computational logic, in-depth exploration of C # language with emphasis on object-oriented programming and practices related to testing-oriented development and software quality, with content and mentorship from DIO and WEX experts, coding challenges, and practical projects for your portfolio.

90 hours

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Develop high level applications with the best practice of the market

Practice with experts on live mentoring

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Conquer the best opportunities in the market and achieve your professional success

About Wex

A Global Enterprise

WEX is the global trading platform that simplifies the way companies manage their businesses. WEX has created a powerful ecosystem that delivers customized, seamlessly integrated solutions for its customers worldwide. Through its rich data and expertise in simplifying benefits, reinventing mobility and paying and receiving payments, WEX aims to make life easier for businesses, helping them overcome their complexities and reach their full potential. With more than 40 years of history, we are 6,100 WEXers spread across 16 countries, with 600 employees in Brazil alone. Whether in Portland, Salvador, Nashville, Singapore or Manchester, we are One WEX!

A diverse and multicultural team

At WEX, we strive to create an inclusive workplace that embraces and celebrates the diversity of our staff. Committed to celebrating our differences and encouraging our employees to be more authentic, we recognize that building a sustainable company requires intentional and ongoing focus on diversity and inclusion in everything we do. In Brazil, we operate 100% remotely, but we are connected by what makes all of us WEXers! We provide each WEXer with the incredible experience of a true cultural exchange without leaving home.

Opportunity for a successful career

Here at WEX, you are the protagonist of your career. Therefore, we provide several tools to contribute to your professional development, support in certifications, global mentoring program, reimbursement of graduation according to policy and more!

How is it like to work hereWex}
  • Ettiene Almeida

    Senior Software Engineer

    "Working with software development is an exciting and challenging endeavor. It's an ever-evolving field that demands dedication to keep up with the pace of technological innovations and provide solutions that drive the company forward. WEX makes this journey even more enriching by offering a healthy environment for continuous learning, both through mentorship and specialized training."

  • Filipe Marques

    Junior Software Engineer

    "Working at Wex as a developer has been a unique experience. My journey in this organization has been marked by challenges, opportunities, and continuous learning. As a developer, I have the chance to work on innovative projects, dealing with problems that help enhance my technical skills and problem-solving abilities every day. Moreover, the company's collaborative and open culture fosters an environment conducive to knowledge sharing among colleagues and the exploration of new ideas. This enables me to expand my professional vision and embrace creative approaches to the challenges we face. The company supports the continuous development of my career by providing access to numerous educational resources, just one example of the investment the company makes in its employees. Furthermore, the leadership shows a keen interest in the individual growth of each team member, offering guidance and career progression opportunities. With all this support, in addition to strengthening my technical skills, it encourages me to mature as a professional, aiming for a promising career as a developer within the company. I am proud to be a Wexer!"

  • Ester Azevedo

    Senior QA Lead

    "It's motivating to work in an environment where we can challenge ourselves every day, discover ways to reinvent ourselves, and turn each daily task into something new. That's what it means to be a QA here at WEX. The traditional repetitive tasks in the QA world take on a new form when you work on both manual and automated activities, and that's part of every Wexer QA's world. WEX has provided me, through my managers, with opportunities to expand my knowledge, my experience with Automation, my experience as a team leader, and platforms to enhance my skills."

What will you learn?

The Projects You Will Develop

  • 1 -

    Contributing to an Open Source Project in GitHub

  • 2 -

    Building a System for a Parking with C #

  • 3 -

    Building a Hotel Hosting System at C #

  • 4 -

    Shielding Your Code with TDD and Unit Tests Using .NET Core

Evolve Skills

Evolve Skills

Expand your knowledge in technologies such as C #, .NET, NET Core, Entity Framework and Selenium.

.NET and QA

.NET and QA

Participate in an advanced development journey in C # and strategies for quality assurance in systems



Participate in DIO mentorships in partnership with WEX and have your learning accompanied by the best experts.

Advance in the area

Advance in the area

Upgrade and modernize your skills with the most relevant technologies in the market and increase your growth opportunities.

Practical challenges

Practical challenges

Put your hand in the dough on every principle learned during your program journey with project challenges and code challenges.

New Opportunities

New Opportunities

Have good educational performance and focus on WEX hiring by bootcamp.

You in the future

Your name

.NET Developer and QA



Profile strength on DIO: DIAMOND

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Congratulations, you have completed your learning journey in Bootcamp WEX - Development .NET and QA.

Your new knowledge and skills prepare you for the market and highlight your profile for companies hiring on the platform!

Let’s conquer the technology market!

Who is Bootcamp recommended for?


The program is aimed at junior and full professionals who are looking to improve their programming skills, as well as acquiring knowledge in Software Quality to become more complete developers.


The trail with over 90 hours aims to empower participants to master advanced C # programming concepts, work with SQL Server databases, and understand the fundamentals and practices of QA, including test automation.

Hiring Opportunities

The top ranked bootcamp highlight the profile for multinational hiring, with the chance to act in global teams in 100% remote vacancies and opportunities in affirmative vacancies for PCD.

Your journey

Sign up.

Participate in live mentorships and leverage your career.

Build a network of contacts that can help you in this new phase.

Learn and deepen your knowledge on a gamified and collaborative platform.

Practice with code challenges.

Build your portfolio with practical market projects.

Complete your activities and earn your certificate.

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What is Bootcamp?

What is a Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp consists of a track of knowledge in different areas of activity. We created a complete immersion with: courses, live meetings (mentoring), project challenges and code challenges, for those who want to deepen their studies and conquer their dream career.

What is the program?

Bootcamp WEX - .NET Development and QA aims to provide an opportunity to deepen knowledge of .NET technologies and Software Quality (QA) for developers who wish to expand their skills and knowledge in these domains.

Who is WEX?

With more than 40 years of history, WEX was born in the United States, with the purpose of developing solutions to simplify the day to day of other companies, removing operational complexities, such as employee benefits, management and mobilization of fleets and simplification of payments , we are a global trading platform.

Currently, we are 6,100 WEXers spread across 16 countries, with 600 employees in Brazil alone. Whether in Portland, Salvador, Nashville, Singapore or Manchester, we are One WEX!

What dates should I pay attention to?

Here are the dates you need to keep an eye on!

  • Registration opening: 11/09/2023
  • Launch event with experts from DIO AND WEX: 19/09/2023 às 19:00
  • Enrollment end date: 06/10/2023

Do I need to pay the company something?

No. Granting the scholarship is completely free.

I had problems during the application. Who can help me?

For any technical issues and questions regarding the program, please contact us via the website: Click here.

Still having doubts?

Get in touch with us through the website: Click here.