Coding The Future Banco PAN - Frontend Development with Angular

Join the Coding The Future Banco PAN Bootcamp - Frontend Development with Angular and develop practical skills to build modern and responsive web applications while training in Artificial Intelligence resources to become a skilled front-end or  full-stack developer.

Study important front-end concepts like componentization and why companies like Facebook and Google use the SPA (Single Page Application) method for faster-loading, more responsive pages, and good practices of organization and standardization that allow you to work in large teams.

In this track, you will enhance your skills with practical projects, coding challenges, and mentorship from Banco PAN experts. Additionally, you will be available on DIO Talent Match for tech recruiters seeking opportunities at Banco PAN.

Over 60 hours

Enroll until 12/08

Develop high level applications with the best practice of the market

Practice with experts on live mentoring

Connect to the vibrant technology community

Conquer the best opportunities in the market and achieve your professional success

What It's Like to Work at Banco PAN

Continuous Interaction:

Contact with various areas of operation and different hierarchical levels.

Agile Teams:

Team commitment, partnership, and engagement in deliveries.

Respect for Employees:

A broad and diverse benefits package that promotes well-being and demonstrates Banco's care in nurturing and promoting the full potential of all individuals.

How is it like to work hereBanco PAN}

What will you learn?

Projects You Will Develop

  • 1 -

    Building a Pokédex with JavaScript

  • 2 -

    Creating a Blog with Angular

  • 3 -

    Creating a Clone of BuzzFeed with Angular



Participate in DIO mentorship sessions in partnership with Banco PAN and have your learning guided by the best experts.

JavaScript, TypeScript, and Angular

JavaScript, TypeScript, and Angular

Enhance your front-end development with a complete front-end stack, understanding important concepts of componentization, SPA (Single Page Application), universal organization, and standardization.

Prepare for the future

Prepare for the future

Learn how to implement or use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning programming to develop advanced insights and automated processes.

Practical Challenges

Practical Challenges

Apply the principles learned during your journey in the program with project and code challenges.

Skill Advancement

Skill Advancement

Through practical classes and mentorship, advance your C# development focused on CRM solutions.

New Opportunities

New Opportunities

Highlight your resume and profile on DIO for potential hiring and open doors to a successful career.

You in the future

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Angular Developer

Banco PAN


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Congratulations, you have completed your learning journey in Coding The Future Banco PAN - FrontEnd Development with Angular

Your new knowledge and skills prepare you for the market and highlight your profile for companies hiring on the platform!

Let’s conquer the technology market!

Who is Bootcamp recommended for?


Front-end developers looking to specialize in Angular and apply artificial intelligence to their applications, professionals with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript who want to enhance their delivery with the Angular framework, and professionals who already code back-end in Java and want to upskill to full stack.


A track with over 60 hours of TypeScript, JavaScript, and Angular to help you develop projects with one of the most popular structures for front-end development, teaching practical skills to build modern and responsive web applications.

Market Preparation

Develop practical projects to highlight your profile! The top-ranked participants in the bootcamp gain visibility on the Talent Match platform and become available for hiring opportunities at Banco

Your journey

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Participate in live mentorships and leverage your career.

Build a network of contacts that can help you in this new phase.

Learn and deepen your knowledge on a gamified and collaborative platform.

Practice with code challenges.

Build your portfolio with practical market projects.

Complete your activities and earn your certificate.

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What is Bootcamp?

What is a Bootcamp?

A Bootcamp consists of a knowledge track in different areas of operation. We create a complete immersion with courses, live meetings (mentoring), project challenges, and code challenges for those who want to deepen their studies and achieve their dream career. 

What is the program?

The program aims to equip professionals to develop front-end applications with Angular, including the use of artificial intelligence to increase productivity at work. The bootcamp is designed for those who already have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, technology students, and professionals in the field looking to expand their knowledge in the framework. 


Who is Banco PAN?

Banco PAN is a digital bank that seeks to provide a fresh perspective on financial challenges and overcome them. An innovative bank that aims to provide credit and access to information through technology to help you turn challenges into achievements.   

What dates should I be aware of?

Here are the dates you need to keep an eye on! 

Opening of registrations: 08/11/2023 

Launch Event: 16/10/2023

Registration deadline: 08/12/2023

Program End Date: 29/01/2024



Do I need to pay anything to the company?

No. The grant of the scholarship is entirely free. 

I had problems during registration. Who can help me?

You will have access to the DIO community on Discord to accelerate your progress alongside other developers and mentors. However, for any technical problems and questions related to the program, click Here!

I didn't find the answer I was looking for.

No worries! Click Here and contact us through the website.