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Become a back-end developer in Java , learning from the fundamentals you need to position yourself as a real-world developer to advanced topics such as database modeling and API implementation with Spring Boot in the cloud.

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About GFT

  • Connecting You with the World

    GFT is a multinational company known for exponential technologies for digital transformation and agile projects with a strong focus on the financial services industry. The German company has a global team of approximately 7,000 employees in Europe, North America, and South America.

  • Sustainable Technology in Global Markets

    As a leader in digital transformation with a passion for technology and innovation, GFT provides sustainable solutions for its clients in 15 global markets.

  • People: The Foundation of Success

    GFT is committed to developing technology talent worldwide through a healthy, inclusive work environment with significant professional development opportunities.


What You Will Learn

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    Evolve Skills

    Study trending technologies, tools, and libraries worldwide.

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    Learn from renowned experts in live sessions.

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    Practical Challenges

    Practice what you've learned and highlight your portfolio with practical projects.

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    End-to-End Java

    Master from the fundamentals to database modeling and API development with Spring Boot.

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The Differentiators That Take You Further

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    Abstract the iconic iPhone launch moment into a practical Java project and implement projects adhering to the Object-Oriented paradigm.

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    Position yourself as a back-end professional and explore the main Design Patterns (tested solutions that solve problems) abstracted by the Spring Framework.

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    Explore the main evolutions of Java 17, the penultimate LTS of this language, and understand the CI/CD process for publishing Java Spring Boot APIs in the cloud with Railway.

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    Practice with code challenges.

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    Build your portfolio with practical projects.

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YOUR NAME - Backend Developer 3 4564-8910
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ProjectsModeling the iPhone with UML: Music, Calls, and Internet FunctionsDesign Patterns with Java: From Classics (GoF) to Spring FrameworkPublishing Your REST API in the Cloud Using Spring Boot 3, Java 17, and Railway
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Who Is This Bootcamp Recommended For?

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    Professionals looking to complement their college knowledge with projects that prepare them for the job market and those wishing to evolve in the back-end area with projects that highlight their portfolio.

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    Have your profile available for opportunities in one of the most sought-after technologies by DIO's partner companies in Talent Match.

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    Prepare for upcoming opportunities and succeed in recruitment interviews.