Coding The Future TONNIE - Java AI Powered

Do you have over 3 years of experience with Java and microservices and are looking to advance in your career? There's a position waiting for you in Portugal!

This bootcamp provides a 10-week path of content that prepares you to become the ideal candidate for international companies, transitioning from a salary in brazilian reals to a salary in euros with international experience.

The educational journey involves teaching you processes based on solutions from major international companies like FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google), exploring the latest features of Spring Boot 3 and Java 17, and mastering the Quarkus framework to create interconnected solutions with enhanced security and productivity, along with creating your own AI models using Amazon's latest solution, Bedrock AI.

Moreover, by excelling in the bootcamp, you become eligible for a free scholarship in Portugal, including airfare and coliving, accompanied by a paid internship and the possibility of employment by TONNIE's partner companies.

Over 60 hours

Enroll until 04/01

Develop high level applications with the best practice of the market

Practice with experts on live mentoring

Connect to the vibrant technology community

Conquer the best opportunities in the market and achieve your professional success

Coding The Future TONNIE - Java AI Powered

Are you prepared for the international technology market?

Through this program, you'll have the opportunity to study and work in Portugal. TONNIE, in collaboration with major technology companies, aims to empower new talents with postgraduate scholarships that will later be absorbed by these companies.

Global Partner Companies

Those selected through the program will be placed in Portugal in global companies for the development of international projects.

Difference-Making Benefits

Opportunity to experience international culture and work, an all-in-one package (airfare, visa, and coliving), postgraduate scholarship at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, sponsorship, and hiring by partner companies.

How is it like to work hereTONNIE Talent On International Experience}

What will you learn?

Your journey during the immersion:

  • 1 -

    Be able to create Java solutions with SpringBoot published in the cloud using AI services;

  • 2 -

    Explore Quarkus and Amazon Bedrock AI to evolve and align your practices with what is most demanded in international positions;

  • 3 -

    Highlight your profile to achieve a postgraduate degree in Europe with an all-in-one package included (airfare, visa, and coliving) and have a complete international experience.

Your Career

Your Career

Career plans in partner companies and the possibility of professional growth in the international market.

Develop New Skills

Develop New Skills

During the immersive program, you will find the best tips for significant development in the technological world.



Clarify all your doubts about the program during the immersion.

Ready to Go International?

Ready to Go International?

The DIO Team awaits you on this incredible journey of pursuing an International Career.

Yearn for the New

Yearn for the New

As a technology professional, thriving in relation to your future is the most important thing for you now.



Master tools like Railway, Springweb, Springdata, and Spring Cloud to gain productivity, explore features of Spring Boot 3 and Java 17, and evolve your practices by learning the Quarkus framework and Amazon Bedrock AI.

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TONNIE Talent On International Experience


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Let's enjoy this opportunity?

Who is Bootcamp recommended for?

Experience Time

Developers with over 3 years of experience seeking new challenges and career evolution.

Main Requirements

Intermediate or advanced English, a completed degree in the technology field, availability and interest in living in Portugal, knowledge in Java technology, and microservices development.

Everyone interested in learning more about an international career

Prepare for the international market in 10 weeks of content and transition from a professional who receives in real to a professional with international experience who receives in euros.

Your journey

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Participate in live mentorships and leverage your career.

Build a network of contacts that can help you in this new phase.

Learn and deepen your knowledge on a gamified and collaborative platform.

Practice with code challenges.

Build your portfolio with practical market projects.

Complete your activities and earn your certificate.

Receive invitations to hiring opportunities.

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What is Bootcamp?

What is a Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp consists of a knowledge track in different areas of expertise. We create a complete immersion with: courses, live meetings (mentoring), project challenges, and code challenges for those who want to delve deeper into studies and achieve their dream career. 

What is the program?

The Coding The Future TONNIE - Java AI Powered program is a bootcamp that provides a 10-week path of content that prepares you to become the ideal candidate for international companies and move from a salary in dollars to a salary in euros with foreign experience . Aimed at developers with more than 3 years of experience who are looking for new challenges and professional career advancement, the program offers opportunities to improve skills and professional growth, including practical classes, code challenges and mentoring with experts. Furthermore, when you stand out in the bootcamp, you are eligible for a free scholarship in Portugal, with travel and living included, accompanied by a paid internship and the possibility of being hired by TONNIE partner companies.

Who is TONNIE?

TONNIE is based in Portugal and works to search, evaluate and prepare technology talents to make them suitable for the international market, all connected to a super innovative postgraduate degree.

Which dates should I be aware of?

Here are the dates you need to keep an eye on!   

Opening of registrations: 02/15
End date for registrations: 04/01 
Launch event: 02/22 

Do I have to pay anything to the company?

No. The scholarship grant is completely free. 

I had problems during registration. Who can help me?

You will have access to the DIO community on Discord to accelerate with other developers and mentors. However, for any technical problems and questions regarding the program, please contact us through the website: Click Here.

Still have questions?

Contact us through the website: Click Here.