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Be the most valued professional in the company, capable of extracting, manipulating, and transforming large masses of data through collection and analysis, using tools and techniques such as Power BI, DAX, ETL, intelligent data modeling, and AI, creating functional dashboards for important decision-making.

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Welcome, Sysvision

  • About Sysvision

    Founded in 2001 in Portugal, the company was born with the mission to be one of the leading developers of Telecom projects for Europe. In 2007, after significant expansion throughout Europe, it started activities in Brazil, directing efforts towards the Data Analytics market.

  • Conquering the World

    With operations in São Paulo, Portugal, and Switzerland, it has established itself as a multinational consultancy focused on Data Management & Analytics solutions, providing large companies with a competitive advantage through strategic information obtained via digital transformation.

  • Values

    Transformation that goes beyond digital to take our clients and partners to their goals, transforming people and companies through technology.


What You Will Learn

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    Evolve Skills

    Study trending technologies, tools, and libraries worldwide.

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    Learn from renowned experts in live sessions.

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    Practical Challenges

    Practice what you've learned and highlight your portfolio with practical projects.

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    Power BI and Data Analysis

    Be able to tell stories with data, turning data into visual information for decision-making.

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The Differentiators That Take You Further

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    Model .pbix files, transforming data into information and creating visual components.

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    Publish a Power BI panel in the Cloud, integrating with MySQL Database, and master Azure configurations.

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    How to perform the ETL process using the Power of Power Query to process data and using AI as a copilot to create and correct data.

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    Build your portfolio with practical projects.

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ProjectsCreating a Sales Management Report with Power BICreating a Corporate Dashboard with MySQL and Azure IntegrationProcessing Data in Power BI with Power Query and Artificial Intelligence
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Who Is This Bootcamp Recommended For?

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    Professionals who are or wish to become data analysts, M.I.S. analysts, and sales analysts who want to learn to master data productively, and back-end professionals who want to enhance their database knowledge to become more complete.

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    Prepare for upcoming opportunities and succeed in recruitment interviews.