Coding The Future NTT DATA - Backend Development with Kotlin

In the 'Coding The Future with NTT DATA - Backend Development with Kotlin' program, you will embark on a linear journey in one of the languages most aligned with technological evolution for backend: Kotlin. While training in Artificial Intelligence resources, you'll become a well-rounded developer.

Join and kickstart your tech career with a language that fosters agility in tech teams, or give your JAVA knowledge the update it needs by coding with fewer lines in a language that utilizes the same virtual machine but is less verbose, more practical, and modern.

In this track, you'll enhance your skills with practical projects, code challenges, and mentorship from NTT DATA experts. Additionally, you'll be showcased on DIO Talent Match for tech recruiters exploring opportunities within the multinational and other partner companies.

Over 56 hours

Enroll until 17/12

Develop high level applications with the best practice of the market

Practice with experts on live mentoring

Connect to the vibrant technology community

Conquer the best opportunities in the market and achieve your professional success

What It's Like to Work at NTT DATA

Global Company

NTT DATA is headquartered in Tokyo with operations in over 50 countries, 190,000 professionals, and ranks among the top 10 IT services providers globally.

Worldwide Technology Reference

With a diversified services portfolio, it is a reference in strategic consulting, Advisoring, cutting-edge technologies, applications, infrastructure, IT service modernization, and BPOs.

Anticipating the Future with Intelligence

A unique environment for collaboration, creativity, closeness, and productivity to evolve together, amplify skills and knowledge, and respond with agility to clients' needs, anticipating the future with intelligence.

How is it like to work hereNTT DATA}

What will you learn?

Projects You Will Develop

  • 1 -

    Documenting and Testing Your Rest API with Kotlin

  • 2 -

    Abstracting Formations from DIO Using Object Orientation with Kotlin

  • 3 -

    Contributing to an Open Source Project on GitHub



Participate in DIO mentorship sessions in partnership with NTT DATA and have your learning guided by the best experts.

Kotlin for Back-end

Kotlin for Back-end

Master one of the most modern and efficient programming languages in the tech market – designed to enhance developers' efficiency and productivity.

Get ready for the future!

Get ready for the future!

Learn to implement the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning programming to develop advanced insights and automate processes.

Practical Challenges

Practical Challenges

Apply the principles learned during your journey in the program with project and code challenges.

Skill Advancement

Skill Advancement

Through practical classes and mentorship, advance your Kotlin development.

New Opportunities

New Opportunities

Highlight your resume and profile on DIO for potential hiring and open doors to a successful career.

You in the future

Your name

Back-End Kotlin Developer



Profile strength on DIO: DIAMOND

Your profile has high strength and big chances to connect you with opportunities of innovative companies on the market

Certified by DIO

To me

Congratulations, you have completed your learning journey in Coding The Future NTT DATA- Backend Development with Kotlin

Your new knowledge and skills prepare you for the market and highlight your profile for companies hiring on the platform!

Let’s conquer the technology market!

Who is Bootcamp recommended for?


Backend developers looking to enter the market with an easy and friendly technology, Java developers seeking to enhance their code in a less verbose and more productive sister language, and individuals aiming to build a portfolio and stand out for opportunities with DIO's partner companies.


A track with over 50 hours covering the basics of Kotlin to the creation of a Spring API using this technology. Kotlin is one of the most modern languages currently aligned with technological evolution in a linear journey.

Market Preparation

Develop practical projects to highlight your profile! The top-ranked participants in the bootcamp gain visibility on the Talent Match platform and become available for hiring opportunities with NTT DATA and other partner companies.

Your journey

Sign up.

Participate in live mentorships and leverage your career.

Build a network of contacts that can help you in this new phase.

Learn and deepen your knowledge on a gamified and collaborative platform.

Practice with code challenges.

Build your portfolio with practical market projects.

Complete your activities and earn your certificate.

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What is Bootcamp?

What is a Bootcamp?

A Bootcamp consists of a knowledge track in different areas of expertise. We have created a comprehensive immersion experience with courses, live meetings (mentoring), project challenges, and code challenges for those who want to delve deeper into their studies and achieve their dream career.

What is the program?

The Coding The Future NTT Data program is a Kotlin programming bootcamp. Designed for technology professionals and aspiring individuals, the program provides opportunities for skill enhancement and professional growth. It includes hands-on classes, coding challenges, and mentoring sessions with NTT Data experts. Additionally, participants can stand out to recruiters through DIO Talent Match and explore Kotlin-related content.

Who is NTT Data?

With operations in over 30 countries, NTT Data is a company that designs, implements, manages, and continuously enhances SAP solutions to make them work for businesses - and for people. 

What dates should I be aware of?

Here are the dates you need to keep an eye on!

Program Opening Date: 11/16/2023
Launch Event: 11/27/2023
Enrollment Deadline: 12/17/2023
Program Closure Date: 02/05/2024

Do I need to pay anything to the company?

No. The scholarship is entirely free.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to us through the website: Click Here.

I encountered issues during the application. Who can help me?

For any technical problems and questions related to the program, please contact us through the website: Click Here.