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Integrate Microsoft Copilot's main tools into your daily life by learning everything from the core concepts of Machine Learning, NLP, and Computer Vision to the best solutions for creating an AI that can help you code, evaluate, test, and refine your code. Apply AI to your work demands and increase your productivity by creating your own virtual assistant.

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The World of Innovation

  • Continuous Advancement

    Keep evolving in your professional journey, more efficiently and attracting more attention from recruiters.

  • Opportunities

    Master the best survival kit of Copilot tools to use the most important AIs of the moment in your daily life with Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Computer Vision.

  • Complete Learning Environment

    Through the Bootcamp, you will have access to an incredible and complete educational immersion with courses, challenges (hands-on!), and mentoring on the DIO platform.


What You Will Learn

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    Evolve Skills

    Study trending technologies, tools, and libraries worldwide.

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    Learn from renowned experts in live sessions.

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    Practical Challenges

    Practice what you've learned and highlight your portfolio with practical projects.

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    AI with Copilot

    Master GitHub Copilot as your programming assistant for pair programming, code review, and refactoring. Customize Microsoft 365 to your specific needs with Microsoft Copilot Studio and master Generative AI with Copilot in Bing to create and optimize content more efficiently.

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The Differentiators That Take You Further

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    Learn all the best practices for software project documentation with Markdown on GitHub, with practical understanding of Git with GitHub: Pull Requests (PRs), Code Review, Actions.

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    Get a practical introduction to Copilot and OpenAI as reference Generative AIs in the content generation process and learn about the capabilities and proposals of Microsoft Copilot.

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    Master Copilot Studio, GitHub Copilot, and Copilot Bing with experts who really know everything and participate in the daily optimization of these tools directly from Microsoft. Connect with big names from this tech giant.

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    Join live mentorship sessions with top market experts.

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    Network and learn within a community.

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    Practice with code challenges.

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    Build your portfolio with practical projects.

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ProjectsContributing to an Open Source Project on GitHubNatural or Fake Natty? How to Win in the Era of Generative AI!Exploring Generative AI Capabilities with Copilot and OpenAI
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Who Is This Bootcamp Recommended For?

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    Technology professionals from any field interested in enhancing their software development skills with the support of Generative AIs.

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    Have your profile available for opportunities in one of the most sought-after areas by DIO partner companies in Talent Match and add this certificate to gain prominence.

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    Prepare for upcoming opportunities and succeed in recruitment interviews.