Transforma Tec 2024

Study front-end in a complete track of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, with financial aid throughout the program's journey!

There are 80 hours of theoretical content to help you create a Front-end portfolio with 3 complete projects, in addition to guidance provided by experts in live mentorships and a community engaged in sharing experiences and growing together.

In this new edition, in partnership with Carrefour Group, you will take the first steps in a linear and structured way in the programming world to increase your chances of entering the job market.

The program has 60 exclusive spots for Black and Brown individuals and also allocates 30% of the spots for individuals who identify as cisgender women, transgender, transvestite, and non-binary. Approved applicants who meet all requirements will receive a monthly financial aid to cover internet expenses>

Check if you meet the prerequisites here:

Who is Carrefour Group?

Our Commitments

Carrefour Brazil Group arrived 47 years ago in the city of São Paulo, becoming in 2022 the largest retail group in the country, with over 1,200 stores spread across all Brazilian states. Our PURPOSE is to offer affordable and quality food to all Brazilians and contribute to a more INCLUSIVE, DIVERSE, and SUSTAINABLE society, based on 3 pillars: • COMBATING HUNGER AND INEQUALITY, supporting socially vulnerable populations with food and also through education, job creation, and income generation; • PROMOTING DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION by combating racism, including people with disabilities, and gender equality; • PROTECTING THE PLANET AND BIODIVERSITY, commitment to the conservation of biomes and engagement in the climate change agenda and development of a sustainable supply chain.

Multidisciplinary Teams

With over 130,000 employees, inclusion and diversity are responsibilities that guide the company's business strategy and are applied throughout the Carrefour Brazil Group. The company values the quality of relationships, diversity, and coexistence with all individuals and their uniqueness, whether they are employees, customers, service providers, representatives, or third parties.

Inclusion and Respect

At Carrefour Brazil Group, inclusion is a responsibility and has permeated the culture and everything we do together.

How is it like to work hereGrupo Carrefour Brasil}

What will you learn?

Projects You Will Develop

  • 1 -

    Building a Landing Page in the Upside-Down World with HTML and CSS - Explore CSS animations and implement a theme switcher with light and dark modes to explore the mysteries of the upside-down world.

  • 2 -

    Multiverse Spider-Man: Creating a Site with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Learn more about element positioning on the screen.

  • 3 -

    Creating a Skin Store with AI - Explore the use of AI to generate images and content for your web page.

Evolve skills

Evolve skills

Expand your knowledge in technologies with the cloud market leader.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Three of the most used technologies in the front-end world to help you position yourself in your first tech career with the best entry point for programming and styling beautiful, responsive, and performative pages.

Hiring opportunities

Hiring opportunities

Professionals with this knowledge stand out on the Talent Match platform and are in the sights of recruiters from large companies hiring through DIO.

Advance in the field

Advance in the field

Update and modernize your skills with the most relevant technologies in the market and increase your growth opportunities.

Practical challenges

Practical challenges

Get hands-on with each principle learned during your program journey with project challenges and code challenges.

New Opportunities

New Opportunities

Perform well in education and stay in the spotlight for hiring through DIO's Talent Match platform

You in the future

Your name

Front-end Development

Grupo Carrefour Brasil


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What is Bootcamp?

What is a Bootcamp?

The Bootcamp consists of a knowledge track in different areas of expertise. We create a complete immersion with: courses, live meetings (mentoring), project challenges, and code challenges for those who want to delve deeper into studies and achieve their dream career. 

What is the program?

The Transforma Tec 2024 Bootcamp is a program aimed at those who seek an incredible opportunity with Carrefour Group Brazil. It includes courses, coding challenges, projects, and mentorships, which will help you become an even more prepared candidate to compete for positions.

Which dates should I be aware of?

Here are the dates you need to keep an eye on!

Opening of registrations: 03/25/24
End of enrollments: 04/24/24

Pre-Approval Period: 04/25 - 04/26/24
Time Slot Selection for Panel: 04/29 - 04/30/24
Hetero-Identification Panel Execution: 05/02 - 05/09/24

Approval Period (Acceptance of the Scholarship): 05/13 - 05/17/24
Program Implementation Opening: 05/20/24
Program Closing: August

Do I have to pay anything to the company?

No. The scholarship grant is completely free. 

I had problems during registration. Who can help me?

For any technical problems and questions regarding the program, please contact us through the website: Click Here.

Still have questions?

Contact us through the website: Click Here.