Main skills </>

Latest achievements </>

  • Image of Database Experience
  • Image of Agrupando Registros e Tabelas com Join Statement
  • Image of Criando Queries com Funções e Cláusulas de Agrupamentos
  • Image of Explorando Queries com SQL
  • Image of Primeiros Passos com SQL
  • Image of Modelo Relacionamento de Entidade Aprimorado com Banco de Dados

Latest certifications </>

  • certificate of Database Experience
  • certificate of Bancos de Dados SQL

Profiles similar to Elisio Xavier Pedro: </>

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  • Mylena Lima
  • Augusto Batista

Join Elisio Xavier Pedro in formation </>

certificate of Curso Kotlin Back-end
  • ;(Oops, Elisio Xavier Pedro has no published article
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